Browns Barossa Donuts, owned and operated by David and Rachel Brown, opened earlier this year, with a mission to sell donuts that people would love as much as they do.

When they moved into a eastern suburbs rental property in Melbourne which came with a massive deep fryer (like you do) David & Rachel didn’t quite know what to do with this hunking great piece of equipment, but they were determined to use it for good. They set themselves the task of mastering the donut! And after two years they did just that!

Now living in the Barossa, in what they call “foodie heaven” (it’s true), David and Rachel have gained the love of the locals including our team here at Brockenchack. What more could you want than a sneaky donut with your mid-morning coffee?

When Browns Barossa Donuts first opened they were located on Barossa Valley Way in Tanunda, but thanks to something called 'donut demand' (it's a real thing) they are now expanding and moving to Tanunda's Main Street. Happy days. Happy donut days!

So what kind of donuts do they make I hear you ask? Well you're in for a treat…literally. Here they are:

Get in My Belly – Real Vanilla Bean Custard: made from scratch with free-range eggs, real vanilla bean and real cream (nothing from a packet), this is how you would describe a real custard donut and I would describe these as creamy, deliciousness in a fluffy brioche bun!

Not Happy Jam – Real Raspberry Jam: Here we have a fluffy brioche donut filled with classic house-made raspberry jam - my personal favourite! You really can’t go wrong with this classic. Think Grandma’s homemade jam!

The Nutella Job – Lots of Nutella: Look, if you were a Nutella kid (or still are at heart) they’ve got your back! This delicious brioche donut is packed with creamy Nutella for all those chocolate lovers out there. It’s darn good!

Iced Iced Glazey – Vanilla Bean Glaze: If you just want something simple but delicious this is your donut! This is a classic donut with a vanilla bean glaze on top.

My Precious – Cinnamon Sugar: Calling all cinnamon sugar lovers! This is a fluffy brioche pillow tossed in their blend of cinnamon sugar. Again a simple, but classic donut.

Here is where things start to get a bit more decadent. I have listed off the classics sold at Browns Barossa Donuts, but they do produce a range of donuts for those wanting something a little more out there, so keep an eye out on theirwebsitefor these specials! Think raspberry and cream, caramel custard and cookies and cream. Amazing right?

I expect that on their first day of reopening, these donuts will be sold out very quickly. Keep an eye out on theirsocial mediafor their reopening announcement and order online so you donut miss out!

Tip: If you can hold off eating your donuts, you may like to enjoy them with a glass of ourMagdalena Tawny Fortifiedas an after-dinner treat!

One last thing... when you purchase a six-pack of their glazed donuts your sixth donut is free? Just a thought. 

Thanks David and Rachel for bringing the Barossa these little circles of joy! Come out for a tasting at ourBrockenchack cellar doorsoon to see what we do with our own little circles of joy - we squeeze ours into a bottle shape.