Browns Barossa Donuts loosely translates in our language to donut paradise!

Here’s the thing... they’re great! But "donut" just take our word for it.

Grab a 'Not Happy Jam' or an 'Iced Iced Glazey' next time you're in Tanunda and discover donut paradise for yourself...

13th Oct 2020

It’s International Grenache Day and we couldn’t be happier about cracking a bottle of this stunning wine! In recent months we’ve released our second Grenache, the 2018 Megan Jane and if we’d set the bar pretty high with the awards won for our first edition, we believe this one sails right over that bar and continues on soaring. We named this wine after the lovely lady in our team who (and I quote) “keeps everything going smoothly”, and has been with Brockenchack since its inception. We felt it was only fitting to name this special wine after her. 

17th Sep 2020

We are thrilled to now be able to kick back into gear with our latest Barossa and Beyond regional recommendations for those of you who may be planning a trip to this part of the country. We are lucky to be surrounded by amazing food and wine venues here and we like to share some of our region's best kept secrets with you all. Today we're loving all things wood fired pizza at Ember Pizza in Nuriootpa. With almost all of their ingredients sourced from local produce, and an emphasis on wood-fired, smoked and chargrilled foods, this menu will entice all foodies. Not just the carnivores, but also our vegetarian and vegan friends too (... and don't forget all our wines are vegan as well).

15th Sep 2020

Our cool-climate Eden Valley vineyard (one of the the Barossa's sub-regions) is sublimely suited for Cabernet because it offers the best of both worlds with the ideal mix of warm days; giving consistent sugar development leading to ideal alcohol levels, dark broody colours and more full bodied wines, balanced with our cooler nights (often a 20-degree variance); which brings high natural acidity delivering dry wines with great tannin structure.

Years ago, there seemed to be plenty of Cabernet vines growing in Eden Valley, yet fewer remain today. We enjoy Cabernet so much that we felt the need to uphold the local folklore of this noble variety and set about planting our vines back in 2012.

2nd Sep 2020

Holding a special place in the hearts of our Brockenchack family, Pinot Noir is an interesting varietal with an incredible history. Unwaveringly temperamental about where and how it is grown, the Point Noir gape requires a delicate approach, patient dedication and skill, from the vine to the bottle. We've heard it dubbed 'the heartbreak grape'. We've head it referred to as the ultimate “terroir” wine - where the growing conditions determine the quality and character of the wine, but some consider it the pinnacle of a winemaker’s career to be able to craft a great Pinot, and when done correctly the result can deliver one of the most elegant and complex red wines you'll ever taste. It's no surprise then that on Tuesday the 18th of August the world takes a moment to recognise and appreciate this special wine style.

18th Aug 2020

Some good news in what’s been a year of challenges thus far…

In the third edition of the London Wine Competition, we decided to enter four wines from our single vineyard in Eden Valley for the first time, and are delighted to have won a gong for each of our entries.

24th Jul 2020

It’s been a decade in the making and we are elated to now be able to release to you all, our very first 10 year old Brockenchack Tawny Fortified, affectionately named The Magdalena.

Named after my mother Magdalena Martha, this Tawny is a sentimental addition to our collection because when my mother was alive she had a ‘butcher’ of port at 5:00pm every day, without fail.

Tawny is the new Port…. because we can’t call it Port anymore. Find out why...

13th Jul 2020

Now that restaurants, cafes and pubs are back up and running in our region, I am very happy to share with you, another Barossa dining recommendation…

1918 Bistro & Grill has been a favourite of mine for many years. Established within an old centenarian home, it oozes charm and ambiance. We visited for lunch recently to support one of our locals, and their roaring open fireplace was certainly a warm welcome on this cold Barossa day.

8th Jul 2020

Travis Schultz, the Sunshine Coast Daily's restaurant and wine reviewer for the past 17 years, shares his thoughts on our latest release 2016 Jack Harrison Shiraz;

"I’ve often heard self-deprecating winemakers profess that 90% of the quality of a wine is derived from what happens in the vineyard. Having recently sampled the Brockenchack Jack Harrison 2016 Shiraz, and with all due respect to the winemaker, Shawn Kalleske, I suspect they might be right! After another ideal growing season in the Eden Valley, the 2016 edition of the Jack Harrison is right up there with the 2015 edition, standing head and shoulders above those between 2011 and 2014.

6th Jul 2020

Being named Eden Valley Grenache Winery of the Year at the 2019 Melbourne International Wine Show, for our 2017 Megan Jane Grenache, was a huge achievement for our family, as we were up against some world-renowned wineries.

This recognition for our first ever Grenache release is something we will always be immensely proud of, and it goes a long way toward proving that the quality of our vineyard is something very special, and indeed capable of producing world-class wine varieties, outside of our region’s renowned Riesling and Shiraz.

It certainly set the bar pretty high for our future expressions of Grenache…but our second installment, the 2018 Megan Jane, sails right over that bar and continues soaring.

23rd Jun 2020

Upon the release of our fifth incarnation of On Point Pinot Grigio, this back-to-back sell-out wine has developed a staunch following, and has brought great joy into our Brockenchack family – both for you, our wonderful wine drinkers, and for our own team members. We genuinely adore this wine, but we’re supposed to, right? The fact that so many of you also reach out to us to tell us how much you love this wine too, brings us enormous amounts of joy!

So how and when did it all start?

8th Jun 2020

Chardonnay as a variety first came to Australia in the 1920s, but didn’t find popularity until around the 70’s and 80s. Premium Australian Chardonnay has evolved dramatically from the rich, ripe full flavoured versions of the '80s and '90s. When New Zealand's Malborough Sauvignon Blanc movement hit our shores, white wine drinker's tastes shifted, to enjoying more acidity and crisp, tangy tones. Coupled with the media's backing of the so-called ABC movement (Anything But Chardonnay), Chardonnay winemakers had to rethink their approach, to appeal to an audience whose tastes had shifted dramatically away from the rich, toasty and buttery Chardonnays of days gone by. But we're an adaptable lot us Aussies - and the industry did just that... we adapted to a more cool climate style.

27th May 2020

The 23rd of May is a very special day… not only for our immediate family, but for our Brockenchack family and friends as well.

The 23rd marks the 19th birthday of our Grandson Jack Harrison, and to celebrate, we are launching the first of many Jack Harrison Shiraz days!

As we gear up for a week of Jack Harrison Shiraz celebrations, we thought it might be nice to take a little trip down memory lane, to a younger Jack and the history of this great wine…

19th May 2020

The last few months I’ve chosen to highlight my top picks for dining in and around the Barossa Valley. This month is a little different however, as the world has virtually been turned on it’s head and we’re no longer able to enjoy the simple pleasures of a Friday night dinner at the Eden Valley Hotel, or a morning coffee and breakfast at Soul with Zest. While we’re still doing our bit to support local and buy from these establishments as much as possible, we thought it would be best to give you a recommendation that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home, even during isolation and social distancing.

24th Apr 2020

Being named theEden Valley Grenache Winery of the Yearat the 2019 Melbourne International Wine Competition was a huge achievement for our family, especially on the first release of our Grenache. But perhaps even more thrilling for us, was winning gold for our 2017 Hare Hunter Pinot Noir, as this is a rare varietal for Eden Valley. It has always been a favourite of our family and of our winemaker Shawn Kalleske, so after much consideration, and under the firm belief in the quality of our vineyard and its ability to produce world-class wine varieties outside of our region's renowned Riesling and Shiraz, we decided to test the Pinot growing conditions of our cooler climate Eden Valley vineyard.

26th Mar 2020
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