The Brockenchack team have done the leg work to figure out the best pairings of chocolate with Eden Valley’s finest, plus a wild card and an unpopular opinion!

7th Jul 2022

Today is World Bee Day!

And yes bees are vital to the vineyard but not how you might think...⁠ Our marketing coordinator and resident wine/vine nerd Chloë looks a little deeper into the importance of bees in vineyards. You're bound to learn something.

20th May 2022

Here we are in May and I am not too sure where the time has gone. 

Trev recalls what felt like a long vintage and how the vineyard bounced back from the devastating hailstorms in October.

5th May 2022

Please join us in wishing Boss Megan (as even Trev affectionately calls her) a very happy birthday (for Sunday 10th April).

We put the tough questions to our Megan Jane and like the true super star she is, she returned them to the marketing department in record time (are we surprised? No, when we say she is amazing, we mean it!)

The greater Brockenchack team also put some words together in celebration of Megan's birthday and while the lads are that of few words, the love is not lost on our Megan.

8th Apr 2022

On this day, March 13th 1435, ‘Riesslingen’ was first recorded. The first recorded instance of the "Riesling" spelling came a little later, from German botanist Hieronymus Bock, in 1552.

That makes this wonderful variety 587 years young! 

And to celebrate we have some STUNNING museum vintages available for a very limited time.

10th Mar 2022

Mack's birthday is the first of the Brockenchack grandkids to turn 21 and you better believe we are going to party like it is 1999!

Please join us in wishing Mack a VERY happy 21st birthday for Sunday 27th March.

We asked Mack to answer the hard-hitting question and he certainly delivered.

24th Feb 2022

A stalwart of the summertime and a natural crowd pleaser since ages ago, our On Point Pinot Grigio has garnered the attention of Winestate judges as well!

17th Feb 2022

Family is at the heart of everything we do.

And Trevor is overjoyed to officially introduce his 2 grandson's Mack (Mackenzie) and Jack into Brockenchack.

10th Feb 2022

Please join us in wishing Darren aka Dazza Nazza, Uncle Dazzy, or Darryl, a very happy birthday (for Friday 4th February).

We asked Darren to play this or that and tell us what he is most excited about for 2022 (spoiler alert: everything)

The team also put some words down about Uncle Dazzy highlighting what we already knew- that he is a great guy.

3rd Feb 2022

What's better than a glass of Eden valley Shiraz and a piece of decadent choclate cake?

Adding Eden Vellay's finest to your Chocolate Cake!

Marketing Coordinator turned recipe tester Chloë has put her hand to spiking her favourite chocolate cake recipe... with great results!

27th Jan 2022

Please join us in wishing Trudi, Trevor & Marilyn’s youngest daughter an incredibly happy birthday today (January 11)! Trudi makes up half of our Tru-Su Rosé, with her sister Susan… But that is only the beginning.

10th Jan 2022

Another year gone in the blink of an eye, but what we’ve achieved as a family, a team and as a company through trying times is something I’m immensely proud of.

22nd Dec 2021

When someone says 'I'll have a glass of Pinot' do you think red or white? Most think (Noir) but why? Pinot Gris (or Grigio) is just as common, isn't it?

12th Oct 2021

"Trevor Harch’s unrequited love for Barossa shined through his wine's award-winning performance at the 2021 London Wine Competition."

4th Jun 2021

Not enough to receive a Gold medal and 91 points in the London Wine Competition, our 2017 Jack Harrison Shiraz was also hand selected 'by some of Europe's most renowned sommeliers and wine experts' to feature in their top 10 Australian Shiraz of the competition.

4th Jun 2021
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