Please join us in wishing Trudi, Trevor & Marilyn’s youngest daughter an incredibly happy birthday today (January 11)! Trudi makes up half of our Tru-Su Rosé, with her sister Susan… But that is only the beginning.

10th Jan 2022

Another year gone in the blink of an eye, but what we’ve achieved as a family, a team and as a company through trying times is something I’m immensely proud of.

22nd Dec 2021

When someone says 'I'll have a glass of Pinot' do you think red or white? Most think (Noir) but why? Pinot Gris (or Grigio) is just as common, isn't it?

12th Oct 2021

Trev & Marilyn's youngest grandchild Charli is 18 TODAY, thus kicking off the Inaugural Charli Jaye Chardonnay Week.

Take a moment to get to know Charli better and keep your eyes peeled for a birthday treat.

28th May 2021

Chardonnay. It still has a bad reputation for being a hunk of wood covered in butter in a glass. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? The 80s were big - hair, oak, Madonna. And ruining a great variety for many decades to come.

I'm here to tell you that not all Chardonnay is like that. In fact, the style is becoming more and more elegant and our style is a cool climate expression that is food-friendly and delicate; the only big thing about it is the gold medal it won.

21st May 2021

Brockenchack is made up of 4 magnificent mum’s; Marilyn the matriarch, her daughters Trudi & Sue, and Megan, Brockenchack’s marketing manager, who has been a part of the Harch’s extended family for so long that she has come to be referred to as Trev & Marilyn’s third daughter. I took time to chat with them to get a better understanding of what being a mum means, as well as a few helpful hits of what your mum might appreciate.

6th May 2021

Mark it on your calendar - Brockenchack’s ‘Big Gum & Granite Weekender’ goes under the hammer as part of the live Barossa Wine Auction on Thursday 29th April from 6.30 pm AEST! And what a weekend away it is. We have put together the ultimate Brockenchack experience for four and will send you home with a mini cellar of magnums to remember your time with us.

To register for the auction and view the lots available please visit

May the bidding be with you.

21st Apr 2021

Friday, April 16th sees the launch of our inaugural Miss Bronte Cabernet Sauvignon week, which begins on Bronte’s 18th Birthday… As our little Bronte commences her journey into adulthood and the world of wine, we take a moment to reflect on the beautiful young woman she is growing into.

And When Trev wasn’t looking we found a few gems in the cellar and are thrilled to share them with you. We have put a stunning vertical flight together which includes our first release 2016, through to our current release 2018, as well as a sharp price on a case of our current vintage.

14th Apr 2021

How we are managing our growing practices for future generations.

There has never been a more crucial time to put sustainable practices at the forefront of our vineyard management. We are experimenting with technologies and practices that will help to future-proof our vineyard with improved efficiencies and better growing outcomes and crops. Our Viticulturist Joel outlines the sustainable practices we have in place, including how we monitor and maintain the vines, and practices put in place to alleviate certain pests and diseases.

11th Feb 2021

This newest inductee to our premium range was made from a select patch of Cabernet grapes on our vineyard with some very special terroir.

Named after our Brand Manager and Trevor and Marilyn's son in law, Darren Edward Naylor, this wine has been in the making for quite some time. I sat down with Darren to ask him about the origins of the D.E.N. and to learn more about this exciting new release and just what Darren has to say about his very own wine.

3rd Feb 2021

Browns Barossa Donuts loosely translates in our language to donut paradise!

Here’s the thing... they’re great! But "donut" just take our word for it.

Grab a 'Not Happy Jam' or an 'Iced Iced Glazey' next time you're in Tanunda and discover donut paradise for yourself...

13th Oct 2020

It’s International Grenache Day and we couldn’t be happier about cracking a bottle of this stunning wine! In recent months we’ve released our second Grenache, the 2018 Megan Jane and if we’d set the bar pretty high with the awards won for our first edition, we believe this one sails right over that bar and continues on soaring. We named this wine after the lovely lady in our team who (and I quote) “keeps everything going smoothly”, and has been with Brockenchack since its inception. We felt it was only fitting to name this special wine after her. 

17th Sep 2020

We are thrilled to now be able to kick back into gear with our latest Barossa and Beyond regional recommendations for those of you who may be planning a trip to this part of the country. We are lucky to be surrounded by amazing food and wine venues here and we like to share some of our region's best kept secrets with you all. Today we're loving all things wood fired pizza at Ember Pizza in Nuriootpa. With almost all of their ingredients sourced from local produce, and an emphasis on wood-fired, smoked and chargrilled foods, this menu will entice all foodies. Not just the carnivores, but also our vegetarian and vegan friends too (... and don't forget all our wines are vegan as well).

15th Sep 2020

Our cool-climate Eden Valley vineyard (one of the the Barossa's sub-regions) is sublimely suited for Cabernet because it offers the best of both worlds with the ideal mix of warm days; giving consistent sugar development leading to ideal alcohol levels, dark broody colours and more full bodied wines, balanced with our cooler nights (often a 20-degree variance); which brings high natural acidity delivering dry wines with great tannin structure.

Years ago, there seemed to be plenty of Cabernet vines growing in Eden Valley, yet fewer remain today. We enjoy Cabernet so much that we felt the need to uphold the local folklore of this noble variety and set about planting our vines back in 2012.

2nd Sep 2020

Holding a special place in the hearts of our Brockenchack family, Pinot Noir is an interesting varietal with an incredible history. Unwaveringly temperamental about where and how it is grown, the Point Noir gape requires a delicate approach, patient dedication and skill, from the vine to the bottle. We've heard it dubbed 'the heartbreak grape'. We've head it referred to as the ultimate “terroir” wine - where the growing conditions determine the quality and character of the wine, but some consider it the pinnacle of a winemaker’s career to be able to craft a great Pinot, and when done correctly the result can deliver one of the most elegant and complex red wines you'll ever taste. It's no surprise then that on Tuesday the 18th of August the world takes a moment to recognise and appreciate this special wine style.

18th Aug 2020
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