With the exciting new release of our 2018 D.E.N Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, due in a few months’ time, we are pleased to announce that pre-orders are available today for this very special, limited production wine.

This newest inductee to our premium range was made by the amazing Jo Irvine, from a select patch of Cabernet grapes on our vineyard with some very special terroir. Crop levels of this different clone to our Miss Bronte are managed during our growing season, to ensure a certain number of bunches per vine, enabling them to ripen beautifully in our little micro-climate.

Clickhereto buy our inaugural release and ensure you secure a piece of Brockenchack history, or carry on reading to learn more about this exciting new release and just what Darren has to say about his very own wine.

Named after our Brockenchack Wines Brand Manager and Trevor and Marilyn's son in law, Darren Edward Naylor, this wine has been in the making for quite some time. I sat down with Darren to ask him about the origins of the D.E.N.

Let us start when Darren first met Trevor and Marilyn. After having dated Susan (their firstborn daughter) for just over two weeks, Darren said "I was a little nervous to meet Trevor and Marilyn as I knew Trevor was an outgoing character who loved his daughters very much, but after a quick handshake and introductions, Trevor offered me a beverage". He asked "Would you like a beer or a wine?" and I replied "A beer would be great, thank you".

Trevor said "Good… I’ll get you a wine!"

“And that is where my love for wine first began - and every glass since that day has been a cracker." shared Darren.

Darren and Susan's two children, Mackenzie and Bronte have wines named after them; our Mackenzie William Riesling and our Miss Bronte Cabernet Sauvignon. Susan is also one half of our Tru-Su Rosé, along with her younger sister Trudi. So I guess you could say, the Darren Edward Naylor (D.E.N) was bound to come at some point!

Trevor dropped the idea of the D.E.N on Darren as a surprise. "Trev and I always said how silly it would feel to go around promoting a wine named after yourself, so I was a little surprised when he told me." Darren said.

A great surprise though! And with a wine that tastes this good, we believe Darren won't need to do too much promoting at all.

With extra time spent in brand new French Oak, and its intense luscious dark mulberries and blackberries, Darren advises “Don’t miss out on tasting this full-bodied wine. Only 140 dozen were bottled. I know I’ll be enjoying some now and putting some away to see how it develops over time. Time is something I have on my side and I am looking forward to trying our 2018 in ten years!"

We asked Darren how best to enjoy our new D.E.N. "I recommend you decant this wine before drinking. It is a large and expressive wine that is still relatively young, so decanting it will reward by helping it to breathe, open up and soften. It pairs perfectly with a roasted lamb, big chunky potatoes and a large serve of gravy. What made enjoying this wine more special for me was sharing it at Christmas dinner with my whole family, including my Mum and Dad, who were quietly chuffed to see their son’s name on a bottle of wine." Darren said.

"I am very humbled to have a wine named after me. I love this industry, this family vineyard and everything it encompasses. Trevor said that because of my hard work and tireless efforts in trying to make Brockenchack a household name, he felt I deserved this wine. But I believe when you are passionate about something that also allows you to make a living from it, you can hardly call it to work," Darren said.

We also asked Darren about the cellaring potential for the D.E.N. With enthusiasm, Darren said "I recommend cellaring this wine. It is a wine for the ages!"

Darren has been a part of the Brockenchack team since our inception. You're a legend Darren and we’re thrilled to be able to honour you and all that you do with a wine that also happens to be your favourite varietal!

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