Upon the release of our fifth incarnation ofOn Point Pinot Grigio, this back to back sell-out wine has developed a staunch following, and has brought great joy into our Brockenchack family – both for you, our wonderful wine drinkers, and for our own team members. We genuinely adore this wine, but we’re supposed to, right? The fact that so many of you also reach out to us to tell us how much you love this wine too, brings us enormous amounts of joy!

So how and when did it all start? Going back over eight years now, our only white offering wasRiesling– one of the primary grapes that our cool climate Eden Valley growing region is renowned for. While we go ga-ga for Riesling, it can be quite polarizing. If we had a dollar for every time we had a punter at a wine tasting event say ‘oh no thanks, I don’t like Riesling – I don’t do sweet wine’, we'd have a very healthy piggy bank.

We certainly don’t produce the sweet Rieslings that your Grandma used to drink. Today’s modern take, and our own style of Riesling delivers citrus, crispness, minerally goodness and a bone dry finish. It's delightful (you shouldtry it). Yet, despite explaining all this, we continually found that many people wouldn’t even have a sip! Not a sip! So we realised that we had an opportunity here to offer our growing Brockenchack family some other white wine options – after all, Wine Australia reports thatwhite wine sales make up 45% of domestic wine sales in Australia.

Next to Riesling, the other white grape varieties that thrive in cool climates are Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, Grüner Veltliner and Sauvignon Blanc. Sauv Blanc was never going to be an option for us. It’s not one of our favourites for starters, and the NZ producers have the market covered for this varietal, in spades.

We wanted to deliver something fresh and lively, so into the ground in our Eden Valley vineyard in 2012, went Pinot Gris and at the same time, ourChardonnayvines.

The Pinot Gris grape originated in France and is part of the BurgundianPinot family. Interestingly, following the introduction of grape variety DNA profiling in 1993, it was discovered thatPinot Gris actually has the same DNA profile as Pinot Noir.

‘Gris’ being ‘grey’ in French, aptly describes the colour of the Pinot Gris grape skin. From the same Pinot Gris grapes, you can make two differing wine styles; the French Pinot Gris and the Italian Pinot Grigio. Pinot Gris is richer, fuller and plumper, while Pinot Grigio is fresh, zesty and racy.

A Grigio style was always our intention from the outset, to achieve that freshness and liveliness we were seeking. It took about 4-5 years of vine growth to produce a good crop of grapes, and we harvested our first Pinot Gris grapes in 2016.

We named our Grigio ‘On Point’ as a tribute to our two granddaughters; Bronte and Charli, in acknowledgement of their passion for and excellence in ballet and dancing. It’s a play on the French ballet term en-pointe; to stand on one's toes in full extension - no easy feat - and something both girls do with grace and elegance.

We typically release this wine in June each year. Since our first release of 2016 On Point, we have sold out of this wine each year, prior the next vintage being ready for release. Our 2018 sold out in six short months, not even making it to Christmas! It’s fair to say this wine is a firm favourite among our Brockenchack wine-family.

In some of our Grigio releases over the years you may have noticed a blush hue to the wine – this is purely attributed to warmer temperatures during harvesting. This wine does not receive any skin contact in the winery before crushing and pressing. Often when this blush or copper hue occurs, larger wine companies strip the colour from the wine, however we’ve never done this – we prefer the more natural approach, which is why the colour will vary in our Grigio slightly from year to year. We actually found that you all fell in love with this blush – it makes absolutely no difference to the taste, but it certainly looks as pretty as a picture.

As we’d had a really hot, dry summer this year, we picked our 2020 Pinot Gris grapes under the cover of darkness this vintage, giving us cooler temperatures to work in (9 degrees) resulting in less of a blush in this year’s edition.

This Wine Australia article is a fantastic read about 'The rise (and rise) of Pinot Gris and Grigio' in Australia. It deduce that the Pinot Gris and Grigio styles are set to conquer the Australian market. These wines have not just arrived ... they’re leaving their contenders behind. 

If you haven’t yet, jump in and try ournew release On Point Pinot Grigiobefore it too sells out. Our 2020 vintage has gifted us with aromas dancing with blossoms and pears. Lime zest and soft, mouth-filling tropical flavours are chased by delicious apple, melon, and delicate spice. Complementary cleansing acidity ensures the most refreshing drinking pleasure possible.