A Toast to 2023 - Laughter, Challenges, and Unforgettable Moments

Well, folks, it's that time of the year again – the moment we take a breather from our bustling lives, reflect on the past year, and eagerly embrace the adventures that 2024 holds. As I sit back and ponder, I can't help but chuckle at the naive dream I once had of a peaceful vineyard retirement project. Fast forward, and here we are, not slowing down but ramping up, living and loving the dream that's taken on a life of its own. 

Let's rewind the tape on 2023 – a year filled with laughter, challenges, and a lot of heart, so let's dive into the highlights. 

 A Vintage of Distinction and Vineyard Triumphs 

The heartbeat of Brockenchack lies in its vineyard, and the 2023 vintage was nothing short of extraordinary. With a later start than usual, the first harvest on March 22nd marked the commencement of an eight-week spectacle. The allure of a cooler and wetter growing season defined the vintage, bringing with it abundant canopy growth. Lower temperatures extended the ripening period, and our vineyard, thriving under the added moisture, delivered yields that exceeded expectations. The 2023 vintage showcased the exceptional potential of our vineyard, particularly for red and white varietals. 

Marked in History – Milestone Moments 

This year, we celebrated significant milestones with the opening of our brand-new state-of-the-art winery and the commencement of the inaugural crush. The rhythmic hum of the bottling plant echoed for 16 days, as it was put to the test bottling some of your favourites. These developments mark a new chapter in Brockenchack history and our winemaking journey, promising even more exceptional wines for you to savour. 

A Fresh Look for Our Labels 

Change is in the air, with our labels receiving a stunning makeover. A label refresh breathes new life into our bottles, reflecting the timeless elegance and innovation that define our brand. 

 B&B Bliss 

Our doors opened wide to welcome many guests to our luxury B&Bs. They're like the cozy corner of paradise you never knew you needed. Nestled in the heart of Eden Valley, they're more than accommodation; they're a getaway for the soul. If you haven't experienced the bliss of a Brockenchack night, you're missing out on a sip of heaven. 

Accolades and Awards 

Cue the applause! We’re thrilled to share the recognition our wines received on the world stage in 2023. Among the standout achievements is the highest honour for our 2019 William Frederick Shiraz, which clinched the Best Australian Shiraz Trophy at the IWC 2023. These accolades are not just for us; they’re a testament to the passion and expertise that goes into every bottle. 

Globetrotting Adventures 

Brockenchack soared to new heights in 2023, taking our wines international. From South Korea to New Zealand, Malaysia to the UK, France to Switzerland, and across the USA, our wines made a global statement. Wine trips and tastings resonated with enthusiasts on every continent. 


A Family's Heartbeat 

In the heart of Brockenchack is a family, each member contributing their unique rhythm. While Trevor tirelessly leads, Marilyn continues her recovery with Archie keeping her on her toes.  The next generation, Mack, Jack, and Charli, step into the limelight, propelling the Brockenchack brand forward. Darren's relentless efforts span across Australia, NZ, Asia, and the USA, seasoned with a generous dose of dad jokes. Susan continues the hard-working genes, propelling her own business forward. Bronte continues to immerse herself in the world of dance, seamlessly balancing that with her commitment to university studies and placement. Whilst Trudi seizes every chance to revel in precious moments with her grandson, Archie, whenever she's not at the helm of the bottling plant. 

Here's to a year that was, and to the many more bottles of Brockenchack Wines that will find their way to glasses around the globe. 

Cheers Trev and the Brockenchack Clan!