2024 Vintage Report

As we sit here, surrounded by the picturesque vineyards that define our terroir, we can't help but reflect on the remarkable season we've just experienced. The year brought a series of challenges and triumphs, each contributing to the character of our wines.


A Season Defined by Nature

The 2024 growing season was marked by unique weather patterns. We began with a wet June, followed by a dry spring, which set the stage for an intriguing season. Early frost and variable fruit sets presented initial hurdles, but December’s timely rains rejuvenated our vines, promoting robust canopy growth and healthy berry development into the new year. As summer unfolded, warm temperatures and a dry autumn provided ideal conditions for ripening, culminating in a harvest that spanned eight rewarding weeks.


Our team approached the harvest with dedication, combining machine harvesting and handpicking to capture each grape at its peak. While some areas required extra time on the vine to reach full ripeness, the overall quality of the fruit was exceptional, showcasing the resilience of our vineyard.


Celebrating Our White Wines

Our white wines this year are truly remarkable. The warm days and cool nights created an ideal environment for crafting wines with purity and intensity. The Pinot Grigio is delicate and nuanced, while the Chardonnay offers rich complexity. A standout is the 1896 Mackenzie William Riesling, which continues to impress with its vibrant acidity and historical significance. Each varietal reflects the meticulous care taken in our vineyards.


Reds with Depth and Character

Our red wines have also flourished this season. The Grenache is elegant and refined, capturing the essence of our valley. The Shiraz, bold and robust, reflects the strength of our vines. Our Cabernet Sauvignon stands out with its promising structure and longevity. These achievements are a testament to our commitment to canopy health and precision in our vineyards, ensuring each grape reaches its fullest potential.


Evolving Our Winery

In its second year, our winery flowed better than its debut. We’ve refined our processes, learned valuable lessons, and installed an automatic pump-over system, enhancing efficiency and making Jack’s life a little bit easier. These advancements position us well for continued success in future vintages.


As we close this chapter on the 2024 vintage, we celebrate the resilience, promise, and artistry of winemaking at Brockenchack. Each bottle tells the story of the season’s unique conditions and our team’s dedication. We look forward to sharing these exceptional wines with you.


Cheers to another remarkable vintage!