While I might be slightly bias, with social distancing the new 'norm' for the time being, our newly launched flexible wine membership, the Brockenchack Bunch, is the perfect way to enjoy boutique Barossa wines from the comfort of your own lounge room.

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I’m a wine enthusiast from way back and have always had an active interest in wine and the winemaking industry. You may not be surprised to learn that I've joined a few wine clubs over my lifetime. But I always hated the term 'wine club'. I don't know what it is, but it feels a bit cheap I guess. It seemed that many of the operators who were offering set mixed dozen selections, were offloading a lot of cheap wines mixed in with only one or two good bottles. I just never got a lot of joy out of them, and when wine is arriving at your doorstep, it should make you nothing but happy, right!

The concept of being locked into a subscription for several years never interested me either. That's why we have never put any minimum time frames on any our wine memberships tiers, including our premium Cousin and Brother/Sister tiers, which have been running for the past 6 years.

It may also come as no surprise to you that I've tried a lot of different wines over my lifetime, from a variety of producers, but I keep coming back to my own Brockenchack wines as the ones I want to drink at the end of a busy day. Again, i'm probably bias here, but it’s fair to say that I love every wine in our range - and when you produce thirteen different wines from the one single vineyard, you get options and variety. There's a lot to like. A wine for every occasion!

All of these factors pointed the way to a membership tier which heroed our range of wines, but especially our every-day drinking wines, as I like to call them. And so, we set to work building theThe Brockenchack Bunch- the next logical step for us to continue growing our wine-family.

We wanted to give the control back to our members and let them nominate how many bottles, which bottles, and how often.

We wanted it to be flexible. We know that life and circumstances change frequently, so we made the Bunch the ultimate ‘no long-term commitment’ setup. It's simple and easy, giving our members the option to flex up or flex down orders to meet their current lifestyle.

Heading into summer where you’re entertaining outdoors at home a lot? Then stock up on ourMackenzie William Riesling,Charli Jaye Chardonnay,Tru-Su RoseorGreat Scott Sparkling Shiraz.

Hibernating indoors over winter? Adjust your mix to provide the red-wine comfort you’re craving, with freedom to pick from the entire range; whether its ourZip Line Shiraz,Hare Hunter Pinot Noir,Miss Bronte Cabernet Sauvignon, or a decadent treat of ourJack Harrison Shiraz.

We designed this membership to meet the needs of our whole Bunch, no matter the type of wine drinker you are - whether you enjoy a couple of glasses each night, or only on a special occasion. The Bunch gives the option of signing up for three, six or dozen packs, delivered either monthly, every three months, or every six months. As a special treat for our members who join the Bunch, when you sign up to a six pack you’ll receive a 7th bottle from ourcorerange for free with each delivery. Or, sign up to a dozen pack and receive a 13th bottle from ourpremiumrange free with each delivery.

Rest assured that when you join the Bunch you're not locked in. You can skip an order if you need to, suspend your membership for a period of time and resume it again later, or cancel at any stage without penalties.

What we've delivered with the Brockenchack Bunch isn’t your typical wine membership. It gives you more flexibility, more freedom, and more control than any other 'wine clubs' out there. And theBunchis about bringing our wine-family together and providing the flexibility and year-round access to our wines when you need them most.

So stay in, join the Bunch and let us bring the Barossa to your lounge room.