Today we celebrate one of the most loved wine varietals around the world, Cabernet Sauvignon (pronounced cab-er-nay sav-in-yon). Not only is this variety one of our staff favourites at Brockenchack Wines, but our Miss Bronte Cabernet Sauvignon seems to be a favourite among our customers too.

Cabernet is the world’s most widely planted variety, successfully produced internationally in France, the United States, Argentina, Chile and New Zealand. It thrives in most Australian growing regions and sits beautifully in that middle temperate zone; struggling in extremely cold areas like Tasmania and losing varietal definition in hot vintages in warmer wine regions.

The total Cabernet tonnage crushed in Australia had been decreasing since 2017, but interestingly more were crushed in 2020 than in 2015, withthe average purchase price increasing$317 per tonne between 2015 and 2020. This indicates a resurgence for this variety with an increase in demand and further growth still to come.

In 202093% of the Australian Cabernet grapes crushed came from 10 growing regions, with the most coming from Riverland, about an hour from the Barossa.Wine Australia’s National Vintage Reportshows it is the third most crushed variety in Australia, behind Shiraz and Chardonnay.

Cabernet Sauvignon is believed to have beenformed due to an unplanned combinationof Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc. It originally came from Bordeaux in France and was imported to Australia in 1832 by wine pioneer James Busby. Despite having originated in Bordeaux, it is not commonly made as a straight varietal in this region and is often blended with Cab Franc or Merlot.

In Australia today, Cab Sauv is grown and produced in theBarossa, Clare Valley, Coonawarra, Langhorne Creek, Margaret River and the Yarra Valley wine regions, with the Margaret River and Coonawarra regions having been typically associated with this grape over the years due to their favourable growing conditions for this variety.

Years ago, there seemed to be plenty of Cabernet vines growing in Eden Valley, yet fewer remain today. We enjoy Cabernet so much that we felt the need to uphold the local folklore of this noble variety and set about planting our vines back in 2012.

We believe our cool-climate Eden Valley vineyard (one of the the Barossa's sub-regions) is sublimely suited for Cabernet because it offers the best of both worlds with the ideal mix of warm days; giving consistent sugar development leading to ideal alcohol levels, dark broody colours and more full bodied wines, balanced with our cooler nights (often a 20-degree variance); which brings high natural acidity delivering dry wines with great tannin structure.

Cabernet has many interesting tasting characteristics. Our thick-skinned Miss Bronte Cabernet Sauvignon delivers unique aromatics for an Eden Cabernet; mocha, black cherry, white chocolate and only delicate leafiness. Showing colours like lush kalamata olives, this is a dark and broody Cabernet upon release. Vibrant flavours of ripe dark fruits are in charge here, black berry, black currant, with texture to match, settling into gentle white chocolate, raspberry, and liquorice appearing in cameo. Gripping cocoa infused tannins and tight acid all add to the complexity required to make our Cabernet style perfectly calibrated.

Our much loved Miss Bronte Cabernet Sauvignon is named after Trevor and Marilyn’s granddaughter, who, as a talented national champion cross country runner, has a thick skin, tenacity and rugged determination. But balanced with her flare for ballet and glowing personality, Bronte also has a wonderful softness and elegance to her. She is caring and giving, yet strong right to the end. All reasons why they felt naming rights for this wine were best suited to their little 'Miss Bronte'.

Known for its medium to full body, deep colour and high alcohol content (ours is 14%) Cab Sauv istypically best to drink after three or four years, but also has the cellaring potential of 10+ years.

To no surprise, this full-bodied wine is best enjoyed with rich fatty meats, hard cheeses or even dishes with earthy spices.

Pair it with these heartybraised lamb shanksorbutter-basted rib-eye steak. For a meat-free pairing enjoy our Cabernet with theseportobello mushroom burgers. Or to incorporate those earthy flavours try it with thisMoroccan roast lamb with roasted root vegetables and coriander.

Although typically a winter go-to wine, International Cabernet Day hails from the northern hemisphere where they have just stepped into Autumn, so despite us having just come out of winter, take advantage of our incredible today-only offer and stock up your cellar for next year. Click here for all the details and to make the most of our beautiful Cabernet vintage while it lasts.