Please join us in wishing Mack, a very happy 21st birthday (for Sunday 27th March). Mack is the first Brockenchack grandchild to turn 21- making it an extra special birthday. Be sure to scroll between Mack now and as a fresh faced 16 year old (above).

We asked Mack to answer the hard-hitting questions so that you can get to know him better. The team have also shared their sentiments about working with, and watching him grow up. 

Name | Mack 

Nickname | Macka 

Age | 21 

Role at Brockenchack | formal role is accountant however I consider myself the life of the office and Trevor’s personal soundboard when he calls me 4 times a day. 

Favourite activity | Rugby, gym, reading and the beach 

One thing I can’t live without | would have to be my protein powder. Got to get those gains in the gym 

Coffee | Cappuccino in a Mug 

Netflix | Not currently watching any shows at the moment but would have to say Vikings or money heist have been my favourites. 

Summarise last year | Challenging, miraculous, stressful, joyful, revealing 

5 words to describe myself | Loyal, disciplined, caring, genuine and open-minded 

Something I’m looking forward to | I’m really looking forward to getting to know the ins and outs of Brockenchack operations whilst also expanding my knowledge in the wine industry. 

This or That 

Shiraz orCab Sauv (Well his dad and sister's wines are Cab Sauvs)

Pinot Grigio orRiesling 

Beachor mountains 

City orcountry 

Summer orwinter 

Sparklingor still water 

Oceanor lake 

Chocolate cakeor fruit platter 


Something I want to learn | I want to start building my investment portfolio as well as learning some German due to our heritage on Trev’s side. 

Lesson learnt last year | A year goes by so fast so take every opportunity that comes your way. 

Notes from the team | 

Well, what can I say… I have all the time in the world for Mack. Love that boy to death as he is like another son to me. He is extremely organised, very patient, always good for a laugh and not to forget the constant cheeky banter that oozes out of him. Although I’m his Aunt, he treats me like a mate and I wouldn’t have it any other way.-Trudi (Aunt) 

Mack, Mr cruzy, the guy who wants to please everyone and nothing is a problem, But don’t let this laid-back façade fool you. Beneath lies a highly motivated, Intelligent, and sometimes witty young human. Mack has always set a very high standard of achievement in everything that he does, be it Studies, sport or just learning new tasks. So proud of the man he is becoming and looking forward to seeing the paths he chooses to travel and the direction they take him. Happy BDAY Macka and welcome to the Brockenchack Team.- Darren, Susan & Bronte (Dad, mum, sister) 

I enjoy working alongside Mack as we have always been close. It makes me laugh to see the determination and concentration on his face while he is learning the ropes of the business. He’s one to always dot his i’s and cross his t’s so I have no doubt he’ll run a tight ship. He’s always there for a laugh and will drop anything to help out – even if it means unpacking wine pallets in the hot sun in his designer label outfits.-Charli (cousin)

I met Mack when he was around 8 and I have watched him grow over the years into a wonderful young man that any Mum would be proud of. With due credit to his family-first upbringing and instilled values, the team couldn’t be happier, nor prouder that you’re now stepping in the family business Mack. We look forward to the office antics and witty banter between you and Darryl (father and son), and are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you Mack. The future looks bright…-Megan 

With Darren as his dad and Trevor as grandad, there was no possible way Mack wouldn’t develop the same hardworking, diligent work ethic, and yet he is so much more. He is personable (probably Susan’s influence haha), funny and mature beyond his years. I’ve met Mack twice but feel like I’ve known him a lot longer. I look forward to working with him for many years to come as he helps to take Brockenchack to the next level.-Chloë 

Macka has been properly immersed in the business for just under two months and already we couldn’t live without him! He’s hit the ground running and is certainly proving that he’s worth his weight in gold. He’s witty, intelligent, hard-working and loves a bit of banter with Granddad, Trev (keeping with tradition alongside the rest of the grandkids). Macka has untapped potential and we look forward to working with him more as his experience grows, as well as his presence within the business. Happy 21st Birthday Mack! -Fallon

Happy 21st Mack, you have achieved heaps in the first 21 years, but I am sure those achievements will pail into insignificance in what you will do in the next 21. Have a great day, enjoy with friends and family and be proud of yourself. Keep living the way you are.-Nigel (CFO and Mack's boss)