Please join us in wishing Darren aka Dazza Nazza, Uncle Dazzy, or Darryl, a very happy birthday (for Friday 4th February).

We askedThe King of Cabernetto answer the hard-hitting questions so that you can get to know him better. The team have also shared their sentiments about working with our very own Odin (God of Wine Lovers). 

Name |Darren Edward Naylor 

Nickname |Box Head 

Age |52(this is clearly incorrect; he must have mistyped 25) 

What do you do at Brockenchack |Poor struggling wine merchant 

Favourite activity |Paddling, swimming, Rugby and drinking reds around my fire pit(We said 1 but we’ll let him off) 

1 thing you can’t live without |Coffee machine 

How do you take your coffee |Fat Flat White no sugar(he’s sweet enough) 

What are you watching on Netflix |The Sinner 

Summarize last year in 5 words |Challenging with some complex frustrations  

What three words would you use to describe yourself? |Loyal, friendly and witty 

What’s something you’re looking forward to in the next 12 months |Beating off last year's frustrations. 

This or that 

Shiraz orCab Sauv(well that’s good considering your wine is a cab!) 

PG orRiesling- "Rizza" was his answer 

Beachor mountains 

City orcountry  

Summeror winter 

Sparkling orstillwater "From a tap or a hose" (His words not ours!)

Oceanor lake 

Chocolate cakeor fruit platter 

What are you excited about this year | Everything  

Notes from the team | 

  • I’ve worked with Dazza Nazza since 2010, and despite all the bad dad-jokes over the years, he has been a wonderful college and friend to me. He absolutely excels in his role of wine ambassador for the family winery, and I admire his passion for helping to build that legacy for the next generation, but more so, I admire the way he goes above and beyond to help our wine members and wholesale customers. If you ever get the opportunity to attend a Brockenchack wine dinner with Darren, please do! He has this fantastic down to earth and interesting approach to sharing wine knowledge with people, making ‘wine’ not so daunting for newcomers, while still being able to teach wine enthusiasts a few things about or styles or our region. I love that he can relate almost anything back to Chuck Norris (for example ‘when Chuck Norris makes wine, the grapes stomp themselves’). But I was VERY shocked to see that he spent over $7 on a coffee at an airport recently…. really Daz, I thought you were tighter than that.-Megan (based in Queenstown, NZ) 
  • I have only met Darren once in person (being located in different states) but have never felt I couldn’t pick up the phone to ask a question no matter how silly it seemed. He has a kind and genuine nature that makes his energy and passion for wine contagious. His connection to people and place is like nothing I’ve experienced in the wine industry before. Everyone is family (whether you like it or not). He is straight up, very generous with his time and conscientious. Here’s hoping we can catch up in person again soon-Chloë (Adelaide, SA) 
  • Darren represents what Brockenchack as a brand and business is all about – family-first, unwavering commitment, a love for the craft (and loves a Cabernet Sauvignon or two) and our extended Brockenchack family, customers and wine-lovers alike, is at the core of everything he does. He’s always got an idea to bring to the table, a story to tell, a new sales PB or reports of ‘a friend-of-a-friend who said Brockenchack have some of the best wines out’; and he wouldn’t be lying! Darren has driven Brockenchack to new heights and is the ultimate wine ambassador for this beautiful family brand.-Fallon (Barossa, SA) 
  • Darren is always willing to lend a hand - no matter how big or small the job is. I’d like to forget the time we shared together sticking a million labels on the back of wine bottles to prepare them for USA export. Even though it was stifling hot, Darren managed to keep us entertained. When I am out and about delivering, every customer has a story or two to share about good old Uncle Dazzy!- Charli (niece, Sunshine Coast, QLD) 
  • Darren’s passion for wine is very infectious. He is never short for a story and a chat, putting that personal touch to all he does. Only working at Brockenchack for a short time I don’t have a lot of stories to tell but I have enjoyed every moment and Darren has made me feel very welcome to this lovely family business.-Kylie (Sunshine Coast, QLD) 

Kylie and Charli work in the Buderim office with Daren putting up with his dad jokes on the daily. 

  • I haven’t been working at Brockenchack for very long, but Darren has always been supportive and offered to help wherever he can. What I admire most about him is his attention to detail and his work ethic! As my dad he inspires me to push myself each and every day and to be the best version of myself in every aspect of my life. A lot of people now call him Darryl because a couple of years ago I asked him if he got a second dog what would it be. He said a boxer as his original nickname was ‘Boxhead’. He then added that he would call the dog Darryl and since then I’ve just always called him that to annoy him.-Mack (son, Sunshine Coast, QLD) 

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