As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, many run out to buy extravagant gifts or worse – follow their mother’s instruction; “I don’t want anything”. It is fair to say that over the last year we have learnt the true value (or perhaps luxury) of time together –be it separated by state or internationally, small distances have never seemed so far. 

Brockenchack is made up of 4 magnificent mum’s; Marilyn the matriarch, her daughters Trudi & Sue, and Megan, Brockenchack’s marketing manager, who has been a part of the Harch’s extended family for so long that she has come to be referred to as Trev & Marilyn’s third daughter. I took time to chat with them to get a better understanding of what being a mum means, as well as a few helpful hits of what your mum might appreciate.

Marilyn spoke of the fond memories she has from when the family was living in Darwin in the mid-'70s. The region had been hit by cyclone Tracy and was all but in ruins. Mother’s Day that year consisted of “breakfast in bed – vegemite toast, a cup of tea and a special hand-made card. The magic of mother’s day is in the happiness of our children & the honour of being their mother.” After almost 50 years, this memory is a wonderful reminder of simple pleasures – being together. Give Marilyn a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon (her favourite) or a big, half strength long black and she is very content.

Trudi, the younger of the Harch daughters agrees, saying “the most satisfying thing about being a mum is the unconditional love Jack & Charli (the Chack to Brockenchack) give me. They tell me everything even if it shocks the hell out of me. The love and support Jack and Charli (also) have for each other and the constant banter between them is so special. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Feeling like she might die without chocolate (hands up who can relate!), fresh barramundi with a glass of Charli Jaye Chardonnay (apologies Jack) is a simple pleasure for Trudi. That and a large half-strength flat white with soy milk (extra hot please). Charli, Jack did you take notes?

Sue is Trudi’s older sister and mum to Mackenzie & Bronte (the Brocken of Brockenchack). She equally revels in time together; “regular family dinners at Fish on Parkyn at Mooloolaba – we all love it there and with four busy schedules, it gives us time to be together and enjoy each other’s company.”

Brockenchack’s marketing manager and third daughter Megan, who is based in beautiful Queenstown, NZ is a mum to 2 boys. In agreement with Marilyn & Trudi, “Flat whites keep me fueled during the working day… and a glass of wine is the hard-earned reward at end of the day.” The same can be said for time together. “Impromptu dance parties in the lounge room…. our funny but bad attempts at impressions and voices.” “Hearing my youngest singing in the shower, cuddles from my oldest” are just a couple of things that make Megan’s day instantly better. Another is “seeing the housework done without being asked” (there isn’t a mother alive that wouldn’t love that!) The most satisfying part about being a mum for Megan is “growing kind and considerate humans who will hopefully make the world a better place just by being in it”.

Extravagant gifts are not necessary -pick up the vacuum instead. And if that isn’t possible (due to distance, not willingness), pick up the phone or have breakfast together over zoom. The simple pleasure of being together is more than enough. 

Next year, I’ll make time to chat to the chooks too.–Chloë, marketing coordinator.