Sip on a legacy: The William Frederick Shiraz and the man who inspired it all

In the world of wine, every bottle tells a story. For us, one of the most important stories to be told is that of my father, William Frederick Harch, who was my inspiration behind our icon wine, theWilliam Frederick Shiraz.


Who is William Frederick? 

William Frederick Harch was born on May 8, 1910, and this week would’ve celebrated his 113th birthday. Christened with a strong German name (remaining close to the family’s German roots) - Wilhem Friedrich - but with the English spelling, he was the only child in his family meaning he remained close to his parents and worked on the farm during World War II instead of being conscripted.  

William was a tradesman and carpenter by trade, and I acted as his shadow following him around like a “smell”, I’m sure Dad would say! I acquired and learned important skills, such as chopping firewood and building, that I later put into good use when I co-founded what ended up being the second-largest construction company on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. 

Described as kind, generous, meticulous, and shy, William was the opposite of his lively and adventurous wife, Magdalena. Both of my parents were incredibly hard workers which has been inherited throughout the generations: a family trait that has lasted the test of time in all endeavours and passions. Despite not being a big drinker, he continues to be honoured in the most fitting way - with a wine that bears his name. 


The Wine That Honours Him 

The William Frederick Shiraz is made in strictly limited-release numbers and is only ever crafted in exceptional seasons. This cool climate single vineyard Eden Valley Shiraz is delicately crafted from only the finest parcels of fruit and is named after William in honour of his life. Our estate-grown grapes are handpicked from 90-year-old vines, and within weeks of its release, our 2019 vintage has already won a gold award at the 2023 London Wine Competition. 

A big, bold wine like this is best enjoyed with food that matches those characteristics. Decant and savour this beauty with tender red meat like a succulent steak or slow-cooked lamb. The wine’s tannins will help cut through the meat’s fat, whilst the blackberry, black cherry, olive, and clove notes will bring out the meat’s natural and earthy flavours.  

When you take a sip of the William Frederick Shiraz, you can taste the dedication and love that has gone into every bottle. It’s a wine that captures the essence of my father, and it’s a testament to the values he held dear.  


So, whether you’re a wine connoisseur or simply appreciate a good bottle of wine, we invite you to savour theWilliam Frederick Shirazand experience the story behind the wine.