Brockenchack Wines Mackenzie William 1896 Riesling bottle Brockenchack Wines Mackenzie William 1896 Riesling bottle
Core Range


Gold | 2011 Barossa Wine Show

2011 was our second Mackenzie William Riesling release. We held back a small portion for those of you who love the change in characteristics that a few years of cellaring brings to a Riesling.

In their first year good Rieslings deliver mouthfuls of lime juice and searing acid, but a few years into their lives they start to fill out on the palate and the acid softens. Over the years that follow, the wine mellows and notes reminiscent of buttered toast and honey develop, with the fruit changing in character from limes to more oranges to apricots in growing intensity.

Our single vineyard Eden Valley Riesling is delicately hand-picked from our longstanding vines planted in the 1960s, 1980s, and from our cherished, deep rooted 1890s vines – believed to be some of the oldest in Australia.


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We never entered our first release Riesling into any wine shows but we started to the following year, building a history of achievement for this wine label over the years:

History of Achievement:

2011 - Gold Medal | 2011 Barossa Wine Show

2012 - Silver Medal | 2013 Barossa Wine Show

2013 - Silver Medal | 2013 Barossa Wine Show

2014 - Bronze Medal | 2014 Barossa Wine Show

2015 - Silver Medal | 2015 Perth Royal Wine Show

2016 - Silver Medal | 2018 NZ International Wine Show

2018 - Silver Medal | 2018 Melbourne International Wine Show

2020 - Gold Medal | 2020 Melbourne International Wine Show