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Gold| 2022 London Wine Competition

Our TWH is named in honour of our visionary and founder; Trevor William Harch. Patriarch of Brockenchack, Trevor, a lodestar for his adored grandchildren, carries this mantle willingly, driven by unreserved ambition and an unwavering enthusiasm for winemaking excellence.

Our TWH Shiraz Cabernet embraces the Australian pioneering tradition of uniting our elegant, premium Shiraz, with our expressive and rich Cabernet Sauvignon. Our interpretation of this style delivers the best of our Eden Valley single vineyard fruit.

Decant and enjoy now, or cellar and watch this wine develop further complexity over the next decade or two.

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The 2018 is our first ever release of this very special wine; the new pinnacle expression of our Eden Valley vineyard, and tribute to our visionary and founder.

Lush choc berry nose, cool sweet berry opening to the palate followed by a literal avalanche of lush, fleshy Shiraz fruit, with a power train mid palate – solid, but with bevelled edges - sculpted around a spine of ‘not spikey’ Cabernet.

A ‘marathon length‘ streamlined palate rolling through to a very tidy finish.

2018 Vintage Summary

The growing season in Eden Valley started off well, with winter 2017 rainfall up slightly higher than average. In spring, drier soils, combined with warmer than average spring days meant the vine canopies grew quickly; flowering well and setting a good number of bunches. Summer rainfall for us was down on average. January and February were warm and dry, with very warm temperatures in February slowing down the pace of ripening. With the lower summer rainfall, growers with access to water, soil moisture monitoring, good irrigation management and healthy soils experienced less stress – and subsequently delivered sound fruit and consistent yields. These are all practices that Brockenchack invest heavily into. The Indian summer of March and early April was what some people are calling ‘the icing on the cake’, with average temperatures, without extremes. Overall a strong, healthy crop for us.

We commenced hand picking for the 2018 vintage on the 1st of March. Shiraz harvesting commenced in the last week of March and continued through to the 11th of April with each tier being picked at different times. The last two to come off the vines were the Grenache on the 11th, and we wrapped it up with the Cabernet on the 12th of April – seeing out an amazing vintage for Brockenchack this year.

We are delighted with the high-quality grapes and great yields that this vintage delivered. The colours and flavours in our reds are exciting and the high level of natural acids in our whites reflect our great Eden Valley characteristics. Standout varieties for our region this year include Riesling, Chardonnay, Shiraz, Grenache and Cabernet. We are very excited for the release of our reds in a few years’ time.

Tasting Notes