Some people start Christmas Day with Champagne... The best have Sparkling Shiraz!

Not that it can't be enjoyed year-round but a cold glass of our Great Scott Sparkling Shiraz on Christmas Day just hits the spot.

Enjoy a 6 pack for $99 & celebrate in style.

Sparkling Shiraz is a unique wine style that all Australians can be proud of. Our Great Scott Eden Valley Sparkling Shiraz is no exception, created with today’s tastes and life’s celebrations in mind. This is one of the rarest wines produced from the Eden Valley region of South Australia.

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This wine is a tribute to Scott Pollock, our late son-in-law, father of our grandchildren Jack & Charli and husband to our daughter Trudi. Scott will forever be in our hearts, and as this was one of his favourite wines, we always think of him every time we enjoy a glass!

Our Sparking Shiraz is invigorating from the first pour, charging your glass with bright pink effervescence like no other. It bursts into life with a raspberry and cinnamon spritz and then releases a tingling wave of apple, black currant and plum. Tasty strawberry mousse and dark chocolate notes come to play, giving a luscious finishing touch.

Tasting Notes