We have got your Christmas day wrapped up- 3 Great Scott Sparkling Shiraz for the morning toasts and 3 Jack Harrison 2015 for the evening meal.

Enjoy a mixed 6 pack of Great Eden Valley Shiraz; 3 each of our Great Scott & perfectly-cellared-ready-to-drink Jack Harrison 2015 for $215.

Add a 6 pack of On Point Pinot Grigio for $75, RRP $120!

Ham on the bone sold separately.

You save$39.00

Our Sparking Shiraz is invigorating from the first pour, charging your glass with bright pink effervescence like no other. It bursts into life with a raspberry and cinnamon spritz and then releases a tingling wave of apple, black currant and plum. Tasty strawberry mousse and dark chocolate notes come to play, giving a luscious finishing touch.

Our 2015 Jack Harrison Shiraz is created to be an intense, yet approachable wine style, in aroma, flavour, complexity and nature. Substantial time spent maturing in fine French oak, then further bottle ageing prior to release gives us the opportunity to deliver our Eden Valley Shiraz, developed as expected.